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My Community Service Experience: Camboya Guardaria

Written by Jordan G., Spelman University

babies at Camboya's guarderiaI was so nervous!!! It was my first time riding in the concho alone and I was afraid I would get lost on my way there, but everything ran smoothly. Upon arrival, the women welcomed me with open arms. They introduced themselves to me all with smiling faces. It was nap time when I got there so all the children were sleeping. This gave me the opportunity to talk with the women working at the daycare more. They explained to me that some of the children were only fed when at the daycare then I asked more questions about the Free Trade Zone.

At first they thought I was Haitian but when I told them I was from the United States they said oh mucho dinero! I wish! They also said they wished more students from PUCMM would come and volunteer with the children. They said, here, the rich stay with the rich, and the poor stay with the poor. After a short conversation, I visited with the babies!!! :) They were all so precious and wanting to be loved and held. I loved it. I also sang songs with the one year olds. “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, and this one little girl was singing along!!  After the older children got up, I helped with snacks and hygiene a little before I had to leave. It was sooooo fun and I can wait until next week!



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What orphanage did you go to? I'm here now studying with Spelman College and was interested in doing some volunteer work!

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