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How Time Flies

Orientation @ Casa Club, Jarabacoa

It's hard to believe an entire month has passed since our spring semester started.  I recently took over the position as the Resident Coordinator for CIEE Santiago Liberal Arts, and have found the months rapidly passing by.  I heard this sentiment repeated by our students as they reflected on their first month in the country in last week's final orientation activity.

It is my sincerest hope that the next three months are full of the most impactful and positive traveling experiences that these our students have had in their lives.  With our new list of 25 Retos (Challenges) along with the various co-pay trips, rural work retreats, and the classic three-day excursions, I'm positive the students participating in this semester abroad will have a chance to get their fill of all the Dominican Republic has to offer.  As a former CIEE participant, I personally know that one of the most unexpected challenges can be finding time for one's self amidst the hustle and bustle of Caribbean life.  As the moments pass by, I encourage all to step back and take in their surroundings and appreciate the remarkable vibrance of island life.  Here's to an eye-opening, reflection-filled semester!






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full of the most impactful and positive traveling experiences that these our students have had in their lives. With our new list of 25 Retos (Challenges) along with the various co-pay trips, rural work retreats, and the classic three-day

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