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Welcome to our blog page for CIEE's Liberal Arts program in Santiago, Dominican Republic, CIEE's longest-running program in Latin America. Here, you will find submissions from various CIEE participants and staff-- we'll include a little culture, some info about CIEE's trips and activities, personal student experiences, y mucho mas-- to keep friends, family, and past and prospective students privy to some of what we're all up to in Santiago. Enjoy the blog.


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hey this is a nice blog page. Is your entry the only one?
Serena had sent me her information on the wonderful experience of being in the campo. Even the visit from Tomas the tarantula . She has posted information on her blog and I was glad to see even more pictures.
Is this blog for everyone in the program?

Hello Anna,

This blog is brand new, but we'll be adding new posts regularly so check back often! This is absolutely a blog for everyone in the program, we'd love to post entries from as many program participants as possible, hopefully she can provide us with one of her entries to post here!

That is a extremely excellent blog post. I enjoyed reading your current post. Need to tell you that you're most likely between the leading writers I've read.

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